Why is handwriting bad?

Why is handwriting bad?

These people mostly do not fit within the expectations of the society. People with ugly handwriting are also very creative. Bad handwriting in some cases is a sign of eccentricity too. Bad and messy handwriting is a sign of high-intelligence, meaning your pen cannot keep up with your brain.
What is the easiest writing system?
The Georgian alphabet has 33 letters, and there is no distinction between upper case and lower case, or print and cursive. It is written from left to right and the words are spelled phonetically – each letter is one sound. This makes it one of the easiest writing systems in the world.

What is the #1 language?

1. Chinese — 1.3 Billion Native Speakers. Numbers vary widely — Ethnologue puts the number of native speakers at 1.3 billion native speakers, roughly 917 million of whom speak Mandarin — but there’s no doubt it’s the most spoken language in the world.
What is the least popular language?

What is the funniest sounding language?

Funniest Sounding Languages Chinese. So when I was in middle school we had a Chinese teacher with the thickest accent even when speaking English, and the kids would call her Ms. Hindi. Very funny. Danish. Japanese. Korean. Dutch. Finnish. Mongolian.