Why can’t I delete files from Dropbox?

Best Answer:
– You can’t remove as many files.
– As you’d like at once because Dropbox limits the amount.
– Of data that may be erased at one time.
– You won’t be able to entirely remove material from a shared folder.
– Unless it’s stuff you created and promptly deleted.
– To make room for new information.
– You’ll have to permanently delete files.

How To Delete Files From Dropbox

How do I delete a file from Dropbox?
Open the Dropbox website and log in.nClick All files in the left sidebar. hover over the file or folder and click the “…” (ellipsis) button. click Delete to remove it from your computer. Click Remove again if you’re sure you want to delete it.
How do I free up Dropbox space?
Up your account to the most current version. Use referrals bonuses or other incentives to boost your storage capacity. Remove any shared folders that exceed your limit. Delete files from Dropbox.
Why will files not delete?
A file that can’t be deleted might be the result of an active program. You may not realize that the software in question is doing this, but the simplest approach to repair it is to quit all running programs on your PC.