What percentage of Uber Eats customers tip? (+9 Money making tips)

This blogpost will explain what percentage of Uber Eats customers tip their delivery drivers. We will also mention a few ways through which Uber Eats delivery drivers can earn more tips from their customers. Finally, we will check out some of the benefits of working for Uber Eats as a delivery driver.

What percentage of Uber Eats customers tip?

A very small percentage of Uber Eats customers actually tip their delivery driver. And even if they do, the amount is usually 10% to 15% of the order subtotal. Some customers also choose to put down much lesser tips. On the other hand, many other customers add a large tip while booking the order and then remove it once the food is over, in an act called tip-baiting.

How to earn more tips from customers?

A sizable chunk of the earnings of Uber Eats delivery drivers is from the tips given by the customers. However, this is not always guaranteed. But there are a few ways to encourage the customer to give a tip for the delivery driver’s services. Some of these ways have been explained as follows.
Practicing good customer service
The most important thing to get more tips in Uber Eats is to practice great customer service. In simple terms, this means being kind and courteous to the customer at all times. It also is helpful if the delivery driver alerts the customer ahead of time in case there is a delay in the delivery or any other changes.
By dressing neatly
It also is important to dress neatly. While being a delivery driver for Uber Eats certainly does not require a suit and a tie, the person should wear clean and pressed clothes in order to give a pleasant appearance to the customer. It also is essential to wear sensible shoes that are both neat and comfortable looking.
By investing in an insulated food bag
Another thing to remember is to make sure that the food order is delivered nice and hot to the customer. The entire aim of On-Demand food delivery apps like Uber Eats is to make deliveries as quick as possible. However, the quality of the food order must also be preserved which can be easily done through an insulated food bag.
By taking a picture
Delivery drivers can also take a picture of their contactless deliveries to bring more credibility and validity to their delivery. This is especially for contactless deliveries where there is no face to face interaction between the delivery driver and the customer. Most delivery drivers recommend taking a picture of the food package with the insulated bag in the background.
By asking for a rating
Some customers can forget to give tips to their delivery drivers. In order to remind them, the delivery driver can ask them for a rating. When they are rating the delivery driver, Uber Eats will automatically ask the customer if they want to add a tip for their driver which can increase the chances of more earnings for the delivery driver.
In addition to this, the delivery drivers in Uber Eats can also practice the following methods to get more earnings in this gig.
By completing Quests
Delivery drivers in Uber Eats can earn more through Quests. Quests are basically a certain number of deliveries that need to be completed in a set amount of time. These Quests can give the delivery driver more earnings through bonuses. In addition to bonuses, the delivery drivers also get access to incentives such as special offers in certain restaurants.
By delivering during peak hours
Delivery drivers can earn a lot more than usual by delivering in peak hours or busy hours. The peak hours are often lunch hours during weekdays and even the whole day on weekends. The pay rate is usually multiplied in these peak hours by which the driver can earn far more than by delivering during other hours.
By looking out for Boost Earnings
The delivery driver can also earn more during Boost Earnings. The Boost Earnings come by during certain times of the year such as when special events are in town. The pay rate can be multiplied by up to three times during these times thereby helping the delivery driver earn plenty.
By delivering for multiple apps
Delivery drivers usually work for multiple apps to earn more money and more bonuses. A large number of delivery drivers in Uber Eats earn more by signing up for grocery delivery apps like Instacart which can bring in bonuses and incentives.
Benefits of working for Uber Eats
Delivery drivers who work for Uber Eats can experience plenty of benefits, like,
– Freedom to work when they want and for how long they want. They can also take a break whenever they wish to and will be assured of a gig when they return.
– Freedom to choose the mode of delivery which can be done through car, by scooter, by bicycle and even by foot.
– Regular earnings as the platform pays instantly for every delivery. The earnings are deposited into the bank account on a weekly basis but the delivery driver can choose to cash out daily as well.


This blogpost has explained what percentage of Uber Eats customers tip their delivery drivers. We have also mentioned a few ways through which Uber Eats delivery drivers can earn more tips from their customers. Finally, we have checked out some of the benefits of working for Uber Eats as a delivery driver.
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