Vegan Bodybuilding Meal Prep Ideas

Vegan Bodybuilding Meal Prep Ideas

Do you long to have a toned body like the famous vegan bodybuilders Barny du Plessis, Dani Taylor, Erin Fergus, Frank Medrano, and Patrick Baboumian? Perhaps, it is about time you think about improving your vegan bodybuilding meal choices. That’s because vegan bodybuilding relies and thrives upon effective dietary choices.
It won’t be an overstatement that vegan bodybuilding and nutritional meals go hand-in-hand. Without incorporating the right blend of nutrition in daily meals, vegan bodybuilders cannot achieve their fitness goals. So, this article will be all about different vegan bodybuilding meal basics and ideas that would help in speeding up the muscle toning process and reach the fitness level you have been yearning for.

Why Are Proteins so Important Part of Vegan Bodybuilding Diet?

When you are on a vegan diet and trying to get your fitness goals materialized, you need to remember that without proteins you cannot achieve that look of your dreams. Not only for bodybuilders, but proteins are generally essential for good health and personal welfare for being the primary constituent of our body cells.

However, for bodybuilders, proteins are vital nutritional component that lead to effective and efficient growth in new muscle mass. Since vegan bodybuilders are wholly on a plant-based diet (which isn’t heavily loaded with proteins and calories already) and undergo an additional amount of physical effort during endurance and strength training, so they need extra proteins for regeneration and recovery of muscle cells. Proteins basically impose a positive impact on our hormone levels, such as polypeptide hormone, so these are extremely important to maintain optimal health and vitality during those intense workout sessions.

Identifying First and Second Class Proteins:

If you want to become a vegan bodybuilder without affecting your health and wellbeing as an individual then you need to keep yourself updated about complete protein sources. Such sources that offer complete protein structure are classified as First Class Proteins. Conversely, incomplete sources of proteins are categorized as Second Class Proteins. The difference between completeness and incompleteness of proteins is made by the number of amino acids or AAs that a specific protein source offers.

For your information, First Class proteins provide you with the 9 all-important amino acids including the following:

  • Isoleucine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Lysine
  • Lucien
  • Threonine
  • Valine
  • Histidine
  • Tryptophan
  • Methionine

Why do we call them all-important?

That’s because our body cannot synthesize them from other amino acids, therefore, these are indispensable for gaining optimal nutrition. A majority of protein sources do contain these 9 essential AAs in some percentage but not enough of them obviously. For instance, vegan bodybuilders may not be able to get the required amount of Lysine if they don’t consume First Class protein food sources on a regular basis. Most legumes, soy products, beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas, peanuts, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, cashews, etc., are rich sources of such proteins but are not wholesomely protein rich.

Basics of Vegan Bodybuilding Meal Prep:

In terms of nutritional intake, vegan athletes and bodybuilders need especial care primarily because animal-based food sources are the key source of protein for humans, which vegan bodybuilders avoid. The basic point you need to remember is that a vegan bodybuilding diet MUST include proteins in high proportions and it should be derived from the right sources. It is very important to include all the necessary amino acids into the overall amino acid profile but you don’t need to rely upon animal proteins only to achieve that. Vegan bodybuilders must maintain a healthy and nutritious diet that contains all the key micronutrients including antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Needless to say, if vegan bodybuilders won’t incorporate proper variety into their meals to get the right amount of essential AAs then it is highly probable that they would develop some kind of nutritional deficiency. If you rely upon few sources that too offering incomplete protein structure then you are going to impede the bodybuilding process as well as considerably slow down the recovery process after a training session. Moreover, you will be losing out on the necessary muscle growth potential and the chances of developing an injury would become higher.

So, what can you do to consume complete sources of proteins? The answer is simple; just combine two to three different sources of second class proteins and you will get a complete source of protein. Bingo!
You can easily combine a few incomplete sources and mix them up with legumes to feed your body those 9 essential AAs.

Handy Vegan Bodybuilding Meal Combos:

These amazing meal combos are perfect to facilitate your vegan bodybuilding meal prep as these combinations provide you complete proteins.

Hummus combined with Whole-Wheat Bread or Pita:

You may not know but rice and wheat offer the similar type of proteins and both provide an insufficient amount of necessary amino acid Lysine. Thank heavens that we have the ultimate savior to resolve this issue… the mighty Hummus.

Hummus is made by combining chickpeas with olive oil and contains a huge amount of Lysine. So when you combine hummus and whole wheat bread, you get a power packed protein supply without affecting the taste of the meal. You may also add oven-baked corn, vegetable chips and even potato and top-it-up with some avocado sauce to make it a wholesome hors-d’oeuvre.

Rice combined with Black or Red Beans

For years people have been serving rice and red beans together and for vegan bodybuilders, it is one of the easiest and fastest complete protein meal options. All you need to do is combine kidney beans or black beans with your favorite type of rice such as brown rice. To further enhance the taste of this meal combo, you can sauté rice with one thinly sliced red onion, 2 cloves of garlic, one bell pepper, and celery stalk.

Lentil and Tacos:

This is the best combination at any time of the day be it breakfast, dinner or snack time. Lentil and tacos combo with salsa sauce is a common choice of vegans and, for bodybuilders, nothing can be more gratifying than this lethal combo bursting with proteins and nutrition. You can mix them with some garlic and onion sautéed in vegetable oil and vegetable broth.

Peanut butter with Bread or Apples:

Spread peanut butter on bread and you have all the 9 important AAs in your hands. You can use whole wheat bread, oatmeal, pumpkin seed or Ezekiel bread to further enhance the proportion of proteins, vitamins, and minerals in the snack. Or, you can use peanut butter as a dip and consume with apples.

Bottom Line:

You can research more and think about more varieties in meal combos to get the perfect blend of proteins and nutrition. Bringing together two or more incomplete sources of proteins can help you get a full range of necessary AAs. Be experimental a bit and try different combinations of nuts/seeds, quinoa, and amaranth with a grain of your choice.

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