Ultimate Vegan Bodybuilding Diet Plan

Ultimate Vegan Bodybuilding Diet Plan

To improve your overall fitness level and encourage enhancement in athletic performance, it is very important to switch to the health-benefitting, plant-based vegan diet.

Vegan bodybuilding diet plan has gained immense popularity in the past few years and proven that going meat-free doesn’t affect your body’s tendency to build muscle. In fact, a plant-based diet would help in acquiring your fitness goals rapidly.

How to Build Lean Muscle with Vegan Bodybuilding Diet:

If you are a novice at vegan bodybuilding, then you might also be having the same misconception that by cutting out on necessary proteins like cheese and eggs and choosing snacks would tone your muscle really fast. In reality, it would do the exact opposite, that is, add more fat to your body instead of toning it down.
Veganism basically promotes a healthy and balanced diet plan that doesn’t make your body crave for necessary nutrients and vitamins but gives what makes your body vitalized, energized and active.

Basics of Vegan Bodybuilding Diet:

Nutrition is the primary element of vegan bodybuilding diet. The only difference between vegan and other diet plans is that protein is acquired from non-dairy sources and doesn’t contain animal byproducts.
A vegan diet is all about having all the nutrients in balanced proportion; most significant nutrients being protein, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, iodine, calories, vitamin B12 and D, calcium and zinc.

Moreover, vegan diet requires you to pay attention that your body is receiving all these nutrients in the right proportion otherwise you may need additional nutrition supplements prescribed by a certified nutritionist.

How to Develop an Effective Vegan Bodybuilding Diet Plan:

Devising an effective and productive vegan bodybuilding plan isn’t too difficult. You just need to keep certain aspects in mind so as to keep in-line with the requirements of vegan diet. Here are some of the key aspects that you must incorporate in your vegan diet plan.

Get enough calories:

Yes, that’s true! Unlike other diet plans that compel to go on a low-calorie diet, Vegan diet requires you to incorporate sufficient calories in your daily diet. The reason is that vegan diet relies on getting nutrients from plant-based sources, which already have a very low-calorie count than other food sources.

This is why vegans are recommended to closely check their calorie levels and develop a diet routine that provides 15-20 calories per each pound of overall body weight.

If you don’t do that, then your body might get into a catabolic state, which means it will start extracting the required energy from muscle tissues and you will lose the hard-earned muscle mass.

2. Watch Protein levels:

For bodybuilders, protein is the most critically important of all the three micronutrients (remaining two being fats and carbohydrates). Vegan athletes usually find it difficult to sustain the necessary protein intake. In such situations, the levels can be balanced by acquiring proteins from various other sources.

Such as, incorporating a combination of protein powders obtained from brown rice, peas, and hemp, etc., to fulfill the necessary protein content. Peanut butter, legumes, chickpeas and hummus, chia seeds, tofu, tempeh, Ezekiel bread, and quinoa are some of the vegan food sources that can provide you with ample protein.

3. Ensuring high levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Bodybuilders must have enough omega-3 fatty acids in their body in order to achieve their fitness goals. Although purely vegan diet can offer enough quantity of Omega-3 as your body needs but sometimes it is better to be cautious and include other sources of food in your daily diet to ensure you are getting enough of this vital nutrient.
For instance, ground flax seed has an astounding amount of fiber and is quite light on your digestive system than flax seed oil. For ideal results, try consuming ground flax seed when you wake up, after working out and before sleeping.

4. Go Nuts about Nuts:

That’s right! When you are on a vegan diet and want to get highly toned muscles in a short time, then nuts are perfect to achieve the objective. Nuts are the best source of healthy fat and offer energy that lasts longer by boosting your calorie intake. You may also opt to consume nut butter to relish the many benefits it offers.

5. Forget Rice- Switch to Quinoa:

It is a common perception that vegan bodybuilders must incorporate brown rice in their daily diet as it effectively boosts their protein intake. However, the reality is that quinoa offers a much higher protein count and also happens to be rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, B & E vitamins, fiber, and phosphorus. Quinoa is gluten-free as well and tastes similar to brown rice.

Ideal Vegan Bodybuilding Diet Options:

Vegan bodybuilding diet plan comprises of 5 to 6 small meals, which allows your body to keep getting a consistent supply of necessary nutrients. This facilitates muscle repair and growth while keeps blood sugar levels stable. Let’s check out some vegan bodybuilding diet options.

Note: You need to pick any three items from the list to create a single meal. Be wise!

Ideal Options: Bananas, almond butter (no more than 2 tablespoons), vegan protein shake, one bowl steel-cut oatmeal
Ideal options: one bowl of lentil soup, one baked sweet potato, cucumber salad including tomatoes and avocados, apple, a handful of grapes
Apple, kale salad topped with pumpkin seeds, vegetable burger, vegetable salad comprising of greens, beans with sprouts and artichoke, vegan protein shake
Ideal options: Banana, edamame and quinoa wrap, vegan protein shake, celery sticks & natural almond butter, dates, hummus, apple, protein shake made with vegan protein power, carrots
Ideal options: Vegetable stew, quinoa, avocado, and beans salad, veggie burrito, mixed greens salad
Before bedtime:
Ideal options: One tablespoon natural almond butter, a handful of mixed nuts, vegan protein shake

Important Tips:

Always pay attention to the snacks in between your meals and never opt for three main meals in a day. Snacks are a vital source of energy during workouts and can hugely impact your performance

We know that lean muscle mass would be your top priority but it is also important to monitor your body fat and overall weight. So regularly note down your body fat levels and compare the results to your body weight

Final Thoughts:

You are free to incorporate a wide range of plant-based food sources in your diet. Just make sure that your body receives the necessary muscle-building nutrients and proteins. Now, you are all prepared to plan about a healthy vegan diet and avail the overwhelmingly high number of health and fitness benefits that it offers.


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