Ultimate 4-day Muscle Building Workout

Ultimate 4-day Muscle Building Workout

First of all, many would want to ask this question… why 4-day workout? Well, there are a number of benefits of 4-day workout and 3-day rest routine as it is way more effective than full week plans. It not only lets you build muscle mass but also helps your body remain energized and active. In fact, 4-day muscle building workout is among the most famous of all resistance training routines and trained bodybuilders always recommend it. The 4-day workout plan for muscle building that we are going to share with you is a great combo of effective isolation and compound movements. Along with that, it also features high impact and intense 5-min burn sets. But before the actual 4-day plan, let’s check out some important points and tips that you must always remember.

Why 4-day Workout?

Basically, when you need to build muscle, the main factor that should become your priority over everything else is weight training and the intensity or maximum tension levels of your sets. This is the tension that your muscles receive during workouts. You need to learn to train at a high level to build muscle, which can only be achieved if you train each muscle group at least once in a week, that too, at high intensity. That’s why a 4-day workout is so beneficial. You are able to concentrate upon a single muscle group each day, such as the legs and also allow your muscles enough time to rest, heal, grow and be prepared for another session.
This kind of a plan not only aids faster muscle building but also prevents you from overtraining and overexerting yourself. The most important point to remember is that there can be a lot of variations in a 4-day workout routine. It is totally up to your personal preferences that which variations or modifications you opt for. Just make sure that you get to lift weight at least 4-days in a week. Moreover, training different muscle groups is very important, so try to train different groups every day.

Tips to Remember:

Firstly, you need to acknowledge the fact that everyone’s body differs greatly and so does the endurance, performance and recovery rate. Therefore, what works for someone may not work as effectively for someone else. However, there is no need to feel demotivated because you can always make the necessary changes in the plan to speed up the muscle building process.

But, this doesn’t mean that you become a plan jumper, that is, keep changing your plan every week. Remember that it takes a bit of time for your body to become accustomed to and acquainted with the workout schedule. So, don’t switch from plan-to-plan and learn to show commitment at least for a specific time period. Such as, if you have tried a workout routine for about 3 months and it hasn’t given you desired results, perhaps then you should think about switching. But, giving up on a routine within a month only is not practical and logical per se.

Building muscle and having an impressive physique isn’t just good for improving your overall personality and appearance but it has several health benefits as well. Strong physique improves your self-confidence tremendously, which is excellent in helping you go places in your career. It enhances one’s stamina, energy levels, strength, and endurance. Furthermore, when you switch to a nutritious and healthy diet plan to remain fit and achieve your fitness goals, you actually are doing a favor for your body. You consume healthy fats and avoid bad fats, which improves your heart health, prevents diabetes, obesity and many other adverse health conditions and makes you stronger and fitter from within.

Ultimate 4-day Muscle Building Plan:

Day 1: Chest and Triceps:

Dedicate this day to training the chest and triceps. You can try doing 4 sets of the Bench Press in 8-12 reps. The move on to 4 sets of Incline Dumbbell press in 8-12 reps. Also include Machine Flies, around 3-4 sets in 8-12 reps would be fine for the day. Also perform some Dips, ideally 4 sets of reps to failure. Tricep training must include 4 sets of Tricep extensions such as cable or straight bar in 8-12 reps after which you should do 3 sets of the Curved Bar in 8-12 reps. You may also try the Skull Crushes about 3-4 sets in 8-12 reps.

Day 2: Back and Biceps:

Since you targeted chest and triceps the day before, so today you need to hit another muscle group. Start your training with Wide Grip pullups; 4 sets to failure would be enough. Follow it with 4 sets of Deadlifts in 5-8 reps, around 3-4 sets of Lat Pulldowns in 8-10 reps and then go for3 sets of Cable Rows in 8-12 reps. Now, switch to 4 sets of DB curls in 8-12 reps followed by 4 sets in 8-12 reps of Close Grip Chinups. If you have enough energy left then do try 3 sets of Hammer Curls in a similar pattern of 8-12 reps.

Day 3: Abs and Shoulders

This day should involve training abs and shoulders. Start with the ever so reliable Military Press, do 4 sets in 8-10 reps. Move on the Dumbbell Shoulder Press, at least 4 sets in 8-10 reps, and then do Lateral Raises in the similar pattern of 4 sets in 8-10 reps. Try 3 sets of Front Raises in the same 8-10 reps. Time to do some Situps now. Ideally, you should be doing 4 sets to failure. When training abs, Crunches could be your best buddy so do 4 sets to failure. You may also rely upon 4 sets to failure of Planks.

Day 4: Legs and Abs:

To train legs and abs you need to start with 4 sets of Squats in 8-10 reps, followed by 3 sets of Leg Press in 8-10 reps. Go on with training the legs by doing 3 sets of Leg Curls in 8-12 reps. Try 4 sets of the Calf Raises in standing position and then 4 sets in sitting position respectively. 4 sets of Ball Oblique Twist and around 3 sets of Leg raises must also be part of the session. To further enhance the intensity of the workout, try 3-4 sets of Bicycle Kicks.

Final Thoughts:

On the remaining three days, you need to give your body the much-needed rest. However, if you do want to do some training then go for light cardio activities. Also, don’t forget to take at least 2 minutes to rest in between sets. If you want longer, go for it. Listen to your body first because there is a big difference between soreness and muscle fatigue. Another tip is that post warm-up set, you must use weights that can be lifted for no more than 12 reps.

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