Quick Answer: Who Buys Household Items Near Me

How can I sell my belongings quickly?

Here’s a quick rundown on 10 such marketplaces – all of which let you get cash for your secondhand items. LetGo. Grab your smartphone and download the LetGo app to start selling your belongings at the touch of a button. eBay and eBay Valet. Gone. Facebook. Craigslist. Nextdoor.com. Trade-in programs. Garage Sale.

Where can I sell my random household items?

How to sell your unwanted stuff On eBay you can sell everything from books to cars. Poshmark is best for fashion brands and Starbucks tumblers. Got bags of clothes and shoes? For unwanted tech, click on DeCluttr. Facebook Marketplace for local, social selling. 5Miles: Nextdoor meets Craigslist. 7 quick tips for a better sale.

Where can I sell my stuff in NYC?

6 places to sell stuff quickly in New York City The Strand – Broadway & 12th Street, Manhattan – 212-473-1452. The Manhattan Art and Antiques Center – 1050 Second Avenue at 56th Street, Manhattan – 212-355-4400. Academy Records & CDs – 12 West 18th Street, Manhattan – 212-242-3000.

How do I sell unwanted items locally?

Best Local Options OfferUp. This free service allows you to buy and sell all your goods, with the understanding that everything is negotiable. LetGo. Take a picture or video of the item you want to sell (a piece of clothing, a car or even your home) and post it. NextDoor. 5Miles.

What is the best site to sell stuff?

What is the best site to sell stuff locally? Facebook Marketplace. Craigslist. Nextdoor. VarageSale. OfferUp (formerly Letgo) Poshmark. Vinted.

Where can I sell custom items?

Here are some of the most popular places to sell your handmade items online: Absolute Arts. This online marketplace is ideal for artists who want to sell their unique artwork, including sculptures and paintings. Aftcra. Artfire. Cratejoy. Etsy. Handmade at Amazon. Indie Cart. iCraft.

Can I pay someone to sell my stuff on eBay?

A new app, eBay Valet, and the service it supports, are kind of like an online version of an eBay consignment store. You download the app and take a photo of the item or items you want to sell. Send the photos and you’ll be given an estimated selling price.

How do you price used items?

50-30-10 RULE: Near-to-new items should be sold for 50 percent of their retail price; slightly used items at 25-30 percent of retail; and well-worn items at 10 percent of retail.

How can I sell things online for cash?

Sell Stuff Online: 7 Best Online Marketplaces To Make Money Sites To Sell Your Stuff Online. OfferUp. Facebook Marketplace. Poshmark. Mercari. Decluttr. Decluttr. Decluttr.

What is needed to sell on poshmark?

How to sell on Poshmark Download and open the Poshmark app. Set up your profile. Use your phone to take pictures of the item you want to sell. Write a description. Check the appropriate category, size and color boxes. Name your price (and the original price). Push the List Item button. Wait for inquiries or a purchase.

What can I sell in New York?

Here are some places to start if you’re looking to sell your used stuff in NYC. CLOTHING. The city is home to a bevy of sell/exchange shops catering to different brand levels. OLD-SCHOOL MOVIES AND MUSIC. ELECTRONICS. VIDEO GAMES AND HARDWARE. JEWELRY AND GOLD. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS & GEAR. BOOKS.

Which thrift store pays the most NYC?

Here is the consignment store pays the most for your saleable items. Local consignment warehouse. Poshmark. eBay. Plato’s Closet. Beacon’s Closet. Crossroads Trading. Tradesy. Buffalo Exchange.

How much does it cost to sell on Etsy?

It costs $0.20 to publish a listing to the marketplace. A listing lasts for four months or until the item is sold. Once an item sells, there is a 5% transaction fee on the sale price (including the shipping price you set).

What percentage does Mercari take?

Mercari charges sellers a market competitive rate of 2.9% plus $0.30 for each payment received from the buyer. We do so with the added convenience of not requiring you to sign up for a separate processing account.

Can you sell anything on poshmark?

Poshmark is a marketplace for women’s, kids’ and men’s fashion and accessories, new personal care products, select home goods, select pets’ items, and select electronics. In general, pre-owned items can be listed on Poshmark if they are clean and in good condition. All items must be clearly and accurately represented.

How do I sell on Bonanza?

Getting started on Bonanza Sign up on the “start selling” page. Choose a name for your booth or webstore. Click “open your booth” Enter bank/payment details. Enter your personal information. Choose to advertise or not through Bonanza (you can change this at anytime) You can also select membership at this stage.

Is eBay still a good place to sell?

If you only have a few items to sell, eBay is probably the better choice. It won’t cost anything to list your items, and the little bit of work involved in setting up a listing won’t matter much if you’re only creating a couple of them.