Quick Answer: When To Plant Crocus Bulbs

Spring-blooming Crocus are hardy in zones 3-8 and are planted in fall, as long as you can still work the ground. If you live in a warmer climate simply keep your bulbs in the refrigerator until late winter and then plant them out as annuals. For fall-blooming Saffron crocus, plant in late August or September.

Can you plant crocus in winter?

Without a chilling period, the crocus might still grow, but the blooms and leaves would be stunted and weak. Sadly for me, you can’t actually plant crocus corms in the winter. It’s clear that the bulbs need plenty of time to grow and chill in order to get ready for their vibrant debut in the spring.

Can I plant crocus bulbs now?

Plant the corms September–November for an early spring display. You can plant autumn-flowering crocuses and colchicums in late summer for autumn and early winter colour.

How many crocus bulbs can you plant together?

Plant a few inches apart, and plant in groups of 10 or more. Consider planting crocuses in lawns and meadows where they can form carpets, or mass them in the front of flower beds along the edge.

Can I plant crocus bulbs in the spring?

To plant bulbs in spring – or rather bulb plants – wait until the crocuses and daffodils are coming up outdoors. One of the good things about planting daffodils, tulips, and smaller bulbs, like grape hyacinth, crocus and scilla, in spring is that it’s easy to see where you need more spots of color.

How do you plant crocus bulbs?

Pick a spot in your garden that has well-draining soil and gets full sun or partial shade. Plant the crocus bulbs about 2-3” deep and 3” apart, placing them in the ground with their pointy ends up. Water well once and wait for spring. After the crocuses have bloomed don’t cut off the foliage.

Where is the best place to plant crocuses?

Where to plant crocuses. Most crocus varieties need to be planted in a sunny, open position. They’ll successfully naturalise in grass to make a lovely spring meadow. Certain species, such as Crocus gargaricus, need moist but well-drained soil and will grow in partial shade too.

Can I plant crocus bulbs in May?

When to Plant Crocus The best way to achieve this is to plant them just before they will experience those circumstances. Since crocus is considered a spring bloomer, you need to plant corms in late summer to early fall. Ideally, the best time to plant a crocus corm is 6 to 8 weeks before the first expected frost.

How late can I plant crocus bulbs?

When To Plant Crocus Bulbs (Corms) For fall-blooming Saffron crocus, plant in late August or September. They are winter hardy in zones 6-10. In colder climates, you can enjoy Saffron Crocuses again by digging them up in the fall. Dry them out in a warm, dry place for a week or so.

Can I plant crocus bulbs in my lawn?

Spring bulbs look particularly impressive when planted informally in lawns. Many varieties of daffodil and crocus are perfect for growing under turf, and will multiply over the years to produce even bolder displays. Spring bulbs look particularly impressive when planted informally in lawns.

What month do crocus bloom?

Crocus can flower any time from late winter to early spring. They appear on the scene very quickly. One day there will be no sign of growth and the next day you may discover them in bloom! Crocus flowers do not have stems.

What to do with crocuses after flowering?

Crocus. In warm, sunny parts of the garden and in containers, crocus can bulk up over two to three years. You can then lift and divide the corms up to six weeks after flowering has finished. Replant them immediately in a position in full sun or part shade.

Do squirrels like crocus bulbs?

Squirrels are very fond of some bulbs, such as tulips and crocus, but other spring-blooming bulbs are not on their preferred menu. Bulbs that are not preferred by squirrels include daffodils, alliums (also onions and garlic), scilla, hyacinth, muscari (grape hyacinth), fritillaria, and snowdrops.

Can I plant crocus bulbs in December?

When to plant crocus Although autumn is the prime time for planting crocus, you can plant them up to late November or even the week or so of December before the first hard frosts really start to arrive.

Should you deadhead crocus?

You can prevent this happening by simply removing the flowers as they start to fade, thereby preventing the formation of seedpods. This technique is known as deadheading. By removing blooms as they fade, deadheading also improves the current display.

Do crocus come back yearly?

Crocus flowers lead the way for other spring bloomers to follow. They bloom bright and early, bringing much needed color after a long winter. Crocus plants will multiply and come back year after year, bringing more blooms with them each time.

When can I mow over crocus?

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to mow for a few weeks, or until the tops of the crocus turn yellow. If you mow too soon, the bulbs may not have the get up and go for another season of blooming because the foliage absorbs sunlight that converts to energy.