Question: How To Design A Gallery Wall

How to hang a gallery wall Tape up a template. Start at about six feet from the floor. Place the largest piece in the center. Watch for spacing issues. Place smaller pieces moving from the center out. Level each and every frame. Add art gallery putty.

How do I organize my gallery wall?

Aim for 3–6 inches between each piece of wall art and around all sides of the frames. Arrange larger art with more space between frames, and group smaller art closer together. Also, make sure there is plenty of space between the frames and trim and molding so the gallery has room to breathe.

How many frames should a gallery wall have?

A vertically-stacked arrangement of 4 to 6 frames The vertical gallery wall works wonders in tight spaces. Think about: mixing up frame styles, mixing metals, and varying the frame sizes to add visual interest.

Do gallery walls have to match?

When putting together a gallery wall, try to make it a cohesive look. While there’s always space to mix and match materials and colors, a common theme is the best way to ensure your arrangement doesn’t look cluttered.

Is there a gallery wall app?

Thankfully, there’s an app for all that (of course). With the Gallery Wall Designer – one of the


features on the mobile app – finding stylish statement pieces that will bring bare walls to life has never been easier.

How much space should be between pictures on a gallery wall?

The ideal spacing between multiple artworks is 3 to 6 inches. The 57-inch number is a good average height, but if your eye level is different, be sure to use that measurement when hanging art. Every scenario is different, so at the end of the day, make sure you love the way your art is displayed.

Does a gallery wall have to have a theme?

With gallery walls, a theme doesn’t have to be present, but if there is it gives a more cohesive look to the space. Same goes for B&W or colors incorporated. Anything really goes with gallery walls, the key is to finding balance. Consider adding in some lights giving it an art gallery feel and adding in extra light.

Can you mix frames on a gallery wall?

Mixing and matching your frame materials will give your gallery wall a casual, relaxed feel, a perfect choice for those areas of your house where you want family and guests to feel at home. Using photographs in various sizes and shapes adds to the laid-back feel of your gallery wall.

How do I select a photo for a gallery wall?

Skip to a Tip: Pay Attention to Resolution. Main Character, Supporting Cast. Mixing Color and Black & White. Be Careful When Cropping. Tell a Story. Choose a Consistent Mood. Set the Scene. The Same Rules Apply.

What size should a gallery wall be?

Appropriate Wall Art Sizes At a Glance: 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 frames are meant for tabletops or desktops. 11×14 and greater are for the walls. 20×30 and 30×40 are perfect above a couch, staircase, or on a larger wall. Remember that adding a mat to a frame can add to its visual weight and overall size.

Are gallery walls still in?

Gallery walls may feel like they’re going out of style in 2020, but when done right, this is actually a very timeless and traditional way to display a collection of artwork. One of my favorite places to add a gallery wall is on a staircase or in a hallway!Jul 10, 2020.

Can you have too many pictures on the wall?

Too Much Diversity If your artwork seems chaotic, it may not be that you have too many pieces on the wall, but that the art is too dissimilar. Center your art at eye level, and work outward as far as you dare for a gallery effect.

How far above a couch should you hang art?

We find it’s best to hang single artwork at eye level, and 60 inches from center to the floor is the magic number. If you’re hanging your art above furniture, it can be 4-6 inches above the piece. If the art is going above a sofa or console, the piece should be approximately 2/3 width of the furniture.

How do I make a virtual gallery wall?

Use Canva to design your wall Go to or the Canva app and click “Create a Design”. Choose a canvas that best matches your photo, either landscape or portrait. Then upload your photo of the blank wall and drag it to the blank design.

Is there a free app to arrange pictures on a wall?

The photo-to-painting app Prisma is one of the most popular and comprehensive programs available for creating art. Moreover, both iOS and Android users can download it for free.

How can I see what a picture will look like on my wall?

5 Free Wall Art Visualizer Apps to See Art in Your Home WallApp. WallApp is well-known for good reasons: it’s free and allows you to upload a photo of your room and a piece of artwork to display. Wallary. For a next-level wall art visualizer, Wallary is just that. Artrooms. Voun. Instagram. Honorable Mention.

Where should family pictures hang?

The Best Places and Ways to Display Family Photos in the Home Main Rooms. Gathering places in your home are where your family makes memories. Transition Spaces. Transition spaces in a home are places such as hallways, stairways and walkways. Bonus Rooms.

Should art be centered on wall or over furniture?

Artwork should be centered over the furniture such as a sofa, bed or mantel. Artwork placed above a main piece of furniture in the room should be placed no more than six inches above the piece of furniture in order to make them appear cohesive.

How far apart should frames be hung?

So how far apart should I hang my photographs? The amount of space between each frame will vary depending on the size of your frames, but a good rule of thumb is to leave between 1-1/2” to 2” of space between each frame.

At what height should you hang pictures?

A simple rule of thumb to hanging art at the right height is to place the center of the art object at 60″ to 63″ above the floor. From there you can adjust accordingly for the overall height of the ceiling or height of the furniture over which the art will hang.

Should pictures be hung at eye level?

We suggest hanging your art so that the vertical center (the middle of the frame) is 57″ (inches) above the floor, or at your eye-level if it’s in a hallway or entryway where you’re usually walking past it. That goes for single pieces (photos, paintings, posters) as well as arrangements like gallery walls.

How do you decorate a gallery?

Add some green to your gallery wall by hanging up a few different flowers and plants between your images. If you’re looking to decorate a small space, try using a tiny gallery of colorful photos. To make the small photos pop, use painted frames.