Does Masturbation Affects Muscle Growth?

Does Masturbation Affects Muscle Growth?

A fear that is common between a majority of fitness buffs and bodybuilding enthusiasts is that masturbation can lead to muscle loss. In fact, many believe that masturbation negatively impacts muscle growth because it prompts a decrease in testosterone levels. For your information testosterone is the main muscle building hormone in the human body. So, naturally, when testosterone levels decrease, there will be a visible decrement in muscle growth. But, is it actually true or merely a myth? Read till the end and you will find out.

Masturbation Facts:

You must not forget that the world of bodybuilding is full of many myths and misconceptions. Therefore, considering masturbation the primary cause behind a decline in muscle growth isn’t a right approach. Instead, you need to do your research and get factual evidence to get to the root of the matter. So, let’s first understand some facts about masturbation.

Masturbation is not at all an unhealthy activity. It is very beneficial for your overall health and physical/mental wellbeing. That’s because it keeps your energy levels high enough to encourage optimal performance levels.
Believe it or not but masturbation is a pretty common activity. People may masturbate for various reasons, the primary one being for sexual pleasure, but they may also masturbate to release tension or to overcome feelings of loneliness.

Masturbation is very helpful in releasing sexual tension and keeping your mind stress-free, which is very important for concentrating on bodybuilding as well as allowing your body to respond to your efforts.
It aids healthy sexual development among individuals especially adolescents between 14-17 years

Doe Masturbation has any Side-effects?

That’s a tricky question to answer! It may or may not have side-effects, depending upon the frequency of masturbation. Occasionally it doesn’t but if done too much and with shorter intervals, it may cause health consequences. Let’s have a look at the probable side-effects of masturbation.

Zinc Deficiency:

Basically, people masturbate to reach a specific end result, which is orgasm or ejaculation. The ejaculate contains a significant amount of zinc, at least 5mg, while it also contains other nutrients but their proportion is lower than zinc. So, when you ejaculate too frequently, your body may develop zinc deficiency. Now, this is where things may get out of control and may hinder your bodybuilding goals because zinc deficiency leads to a decrease in body’s testosterone levels. Furthermore, during orgasm body goes through a certain state where the testosterone naturally gets decreased. So, we can assume that frequent masturbation can lead to a decline in muscle growth because zinc is among the most crucially important micronutrients required to encourage muscle growth. It is also responsible for maintaining muscle tissue and also regulates testosterone levels in healthy males. But that’s not a dead end at all because you can always increase your zinc intake in order to prevent the development of a zinc deficiency in your body.

Testosterone levels:

Testosterone is perhaps the best anabolic muscle developing hormone present in the human body. It is in fact, among the key factors that determine the amount of muscle your body can actually build. As a rule of thumb, bodybuilders need to maintain healthy testosterone levels no matter what. In this regard, it is important to understand that masturbation or ejaculation cannot affect testosterone hormone production or lower their levels to such an extent that it starts affecting muscle build-up. Orgasm as well cannot impose any significant or long-term impact on blood testosterone levels at all. Indeed there are effects of ejaculation on testosterone levels but that are so low that it won’t make any difference. Even if there is a decline, it will only be for a brief period.
Potential Positive Impacts of Masturbation:

Enough about the side-effects, now let’s have a look at the positive ways in which masturbation can impact the human body.

1. It Motivates and Vitalizes:

It is a fact that orgasm impacts every individual differently, so it is very important to know how masturbation affects your performance level while working out. For instance, some people may feel very tired and sleepy after an orgasm while some may feel very fresh and energized. The direct effects of masturbation are pretty short-lived and cannot last longer than an hour or two. Usually, masturbation has a positive impact on your body as it refreshes your nerves and relaxes your mind. It is also a great motivator at times when you are feeling down. But, do remember that if you feel tired during workouts then it would be better to not masturbate before exercising.

2. Promotes cardiovascular health:

It is a misconception that masturbation impacts muscle growth negatively, and it is merely a myth that it can create obstacles in reaching your bodybuilding goals. An interesting result of masturbation is that it can improve your cardiovascular health. How can masturbate promote cardiovascular health? Well, you may not know but medical specialists suggest that to prevent heart-related disorders it is important to control blood pressure and remain stress-free or at least keep stress levels low. Masturbation promotes both these acts; that is, it not only encourages relaxation but is also responsible for keeping the blood pressure in its normal range.

3. Diverse Health Benefits:

Masturbation can encourage good health and personal well-being. It has various health benefits apart from releasing sexual tension. The most important benefit of masturbation is that orgasm releases dopamine and oxytocin hormones, which make you, feel happy and relaxed. When hormone levels are balanced, stress levels will automatically remain low.

In some people, masturbation is helpful in treating sinus pains, migraine, and headache because another result of orgasm is the release of endorphins. Endorphin is basically a chemical produced by the body after going through something very intense such as an extremely intense sports activity. You can call endorphin a naturally produced painkiller, which is even better than morphine. Masturbation also helps you enjoy good sleep at night, which is as necessary as a balanced diet, for the promotion of muscle growth. When you sleep, your muscles get repaired so sleep is very important for bodybuilders. Masturbation allows you to quickly fall into a deep sleep, so the repairing process starts quickly too.

Final Thoughts:

The bottom line is that masturbating does not lead to loss of muscle mass or a decline in muscle growth unless you develop a zinc deficiency. In fact, there are many health benefits to masturbation that are hard to overlook. It is, therefore, completely wrong to consider masturbation a silent killer or a shameful act because it cannot pose a threat to your health and personal wellbeing at all.

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