If You Lock The Brakes When Braking Suddenly You

If you lock the brakes when braking suddenly, you lose steering ability. Communication with others to reduce risk in a possible conflict situation involves making sure others see you. When braking in an emergency stop, you should avoid locking the brakes.

When you look far ahead as your drive you are *?

When you look far ahead as you drive, you are? You evaluate a driving situation and make a judgment about the possible consequences. What IPDE step are you using?.

How many search ranges should be evaluated in your path of travel?

There are 3 searching ranges that need to be evaluated in your path of travel.

What is the best clue that a roadway is changing from multilane to single lane?

The best clue that a roadway is changing from multilane to single lane is a warning sign. traffic begins to speed up.

How can you prepare yourself to deal with the worst possible actions of other roadway users?

How can you prepare yourself to deal with the worst possible actions of other HTS users? Assume others have predicted your actions. Assume others will not make mistakes. Assume others will adjust to your actions.

When executing a maneuver in the IPDE process it primarily involves?

The four steps of the IPDE process are: I—Identify—Locate potential hazards within the driving scene. P—Predict—Judge where the possible points of conflict may occur. D—Decide—Determine what action to take, when, and where to take it. E—Execute—Act by maneuvering the car to avoid conflicts.

What is the driving task primarily?

The driving task is primarily a thinking task. The process of searching critical areas of the traffic environment in a regular sequence is called an orderly visual search pattern.

How many zones of space surrounding your vehicle are incorporated in the zone control system *?

The zone control system is an organized method for managing six zones of space surrounding your vehicle.

How many zones of space does a car have?

There are seven basic areas of operating space around the vehicle. The diagram on next slide shows the six zones, areas, or spaces surrounding the car which are visible to the driver. A zone is an area of space around a vehicle that is the width of a lane and extends as far as the driver can see.

When completing a downhill park Which way should you turn the wheels before rolling against the curb?

When parking uphill at a curb, turn your front wheels away from the curb. When you’re parking downhill, turn your front wheels toward the curb.

What is the Smith System *?

The Smith System is a driving methodology invented by Harold Smith in 1952. It’s based on *five basic road rules that, if followed by all drivers, will greatly reduce the number of traffic accidents. Let’s take a look at the principles of the Smith System: Be observant of what’s going on around you on the road.

What is a 12 second search?

Anyone operating a motor vehicle — whether its a car, truck or motorcycle — should be vigilant about watching for upcoming traffic hazards. The 12-second rule is designed to remind motorists that they need room to slow down, stop or take evasive action if something happens on the road in front of them.

When braking and turning you use what?

When braking and turning, you use changing traction forces. You drive through a curve at a speed higher than the posted speed then your vehicle needs more traction to stay on road. Traction is the gripping action that keeps a tire from slipping on roadway.

How many seconds should you look down the road?

Proper Scanning: mirrors. A general rule of thumb is to scan ahead 12-15 seconds in all environments, 1-11⁄2 blocks in city environments and 1⁄4 mile in highway environments. Blind spots and mirrors should be checked every 3-5 seconds before and after changing lanes.

When braking in an emergency stop you should quizlet?

In a vehicle with anti-lock brakes, when you are braking for an emergency stop you should: Apply full brakes. 19. In a front-wheel power skid, which tires spin when you accelerate?.

When the center roadway marking of a two way roadway is a single broken yellow line it means that?

A single, broken yellow centerline shows the center of a two-way, two-lane road. Passing is permitted on either side, if safe conditions exist. When passing, you must use the lane belonging to oncoming traffic.

What is it called when you accelerate and steer at the same time?

what is happening in your zones, what could happen, and how the change could affect you are involved in. predicting in the IPDE process. when you accelerate and steer at the same time, you are. executing a combination of actions.

What are the 3 most important actions you can take to avoid conflict?

What are the three most important actions you can take to avoid conflict?Terms in this set (16) Aim high in steering. Keep your eyes moving. Get the big picture. Make sure others see you. Leave yourself an “out”.

How do I stop being aggressive while driving?

How to Avoid Road Rage Don’t rush. Give yourself time to get where you’re going; you’re less likely to become impatient and take unnecessary risks. Cool off. If you’re upset, take time to calm down.

How do you make sure you stay in your lane while driving?

How to Stay Centered In Your Lane While Driving Keep Your Focus Ahead (Peripheral Vision) Relax Your Grip on the Wheel. Reduce Distractions in Your Car. Keep an Eye on the Lines. Maintain Equal Tire Pressure. Don’t Focus Too Much On the Vehicle In Front.

What does IPDE mean in driving?

Driver’s education classes teach students to use the IPDE strategy when driving. IPDE stands for Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute. This strategy also should be used in off-road driving.

When you judge where a possible conflict might occur What IPDE step are you using?

When a driver foresees where points of conflict can develop in a driving situation they are using the predicting step of the IPDE process.

How do you use the IPDE process for city driving?

How do you use the IPDE process for city driving?

Identify: be vigorous in using your visual skills. “aim high” and look well ahead to your target area. Check ranges to make sure your front zone is open and you have time to spot things.