How to Fix Autocorrect Issues on iOS or macOS 2019

How to Fix Autocorrect Issues on iOS or macOS 2019: Autocorrect can be a blessing sometimes but sometimes it can annoy you too. Autocorrect is one of the major function of iOS as well as macOS. In this blog, we will be talking about every feature the autocorrect has in macOS and iOS.
We will be also talking about how to fix the autocorrect issues in both the devices.

Autocorrect on iOS

How to Fix Autocorrect Issues on iOS or macOS 2019: If you have ever been too annoyed by the autocorrect then have this idea of teaching some new words to the autocorrect what you are trying to use.
Prediction and

Autocorrect on iOS

How to Fix Autocorrect Issues on iOS or macOS 2019: Whenever you start typing on the keyboard some words start appearing on the keyboard it changes to the other words as you start typing similar words. There is three prediction option which iOS keyboard display to you. On the center, the word which iOS try to show is the word which you are most probably typing. On the left side, it will show the word in the quotation. While on the right side it shows the second most probable word it can be.
How to add Text Replacements:
– Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement
– Tap the ‘+’ to add a new Text Replacement
– Enter the correctly spelled word into Phrase box

Remove Words from the iOS Dictionary

How to Fix Autocorrect Issues on iOS or macOS 2019: By resetting the dictionary you can only remove the less frequent words. Sadly there is no other way to delete words from the iOS dictionary.
Below we have showcased how you can reset the dictionary please follow the steps as it is.
How to Reset the Keyboard Dictionary on iOS:
– Go to Settings > General > Reset
– Tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary
– Enter your Passcode at tap Reset Dictionary

Third-Party Keyboards

How to Fix Autocorrect Issues on iOS or macOS 2019: There is a various third-party application which you can use to type the words.
Some of the most popular third-party application are-
– Gboard: Developed by Google, this keyboard allows you to do a Google search from any app. Not only that, it has clever suggestions for both words and emojis.
– SwiftKey: Great text prediction combined with the ability to glide across the letters you need make this a valuable keyboard for many iOS users. You can also give it permission to your Microsoft and Google accounts allowing it to analyze how you write for better predictions.
– Fleksy: A far less invasive version of SwiftKey that includes glide gestures but doesn’t have quite so good prediction abilities.
– Grammarly: This keyboard from the excellent editing software is sure to pick up on more grammatical and spelling errors than most. But it won’t be very happy if you start using slang or casual sentence structures.
Turn Off

Autocorrect on iOS

– Go to Settings > General > Keyboard
– Under All Keyboards, turn off Auto-Correction

Autocorrect on macOS

How to add or remove words to the macOS Dictionary:
– Type the word in a native macOS app, don’t accept any corrections
– Control-click the word and select Learn Spelling or Unlearn Spelling

Turn Off Autocorrect in macOS

You can easily turn off the autocorrect feature quite easily.
Follow the below steps.
– Open System Preferences > Keyboard > Text
– Uncheck the box titled ‘Correct spelling automatically’
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