How To Estimate Pig Weight

Using the measurements from steps 1 and 2, calculate body weight using the formula HEART GIRTH x HEART GIRTH x BODY LENGTH / 400 = ANIMAL WEIGHT IN POUNDS. For example, if an adult pig has a heart girth equal to 45 inches and a body length equal to 54 inches, the calculation would be (45 x 45 x 54) / 400 = 273 lbs.

How accurate is measuring a pig for weight?

The correlation between pig weight and heart girth was 0.93 indicating that heart girth circumference is a very good predictor of pig body weight. Heart girth accurately predicted 50% of the pigs within nine pounds and 80% of the pigs within 16 pounds of their live weight.

How heavy is a 4 month old pig?

Growing Pig Daily Feed & Water intake. Age of Pig (weeks) Weight Feed Consumption per day (kg) 4 7.0 kg 0.35 6 12.0 kg 0.75 8 21.0 kg 1.0.

How big is a 250 lb pig?

So if you measure a pig with a length of 40 and a girth of 50 40 x 50 x 50 / 400 = 250 pound pig. Hang weight refers to the weight of the pig after scald & scrape, head on, insides removed.

How much do pigs weigh at slaughter?

Most pig farmers buy “weaners,” piglets about two or three months old that are no longer reliant on their mother’s milk; they then raise the pigs to slaughter weight (typically about 250 pounds), which on factory-style farms is attained by the time they’re 6 months old.

How do you calculate the weight of an animal?

Using the measurements from steps 1 and 2, calculate body weight using the formula HEART GIRTH x HEART GIRTH x BODY LENGTH / 300 = ANIMAL WEIGHT IN POUNDS. For example, if a sheep has a heart girth equal to 35 inches and a body length equal to 30 inches, the calculation would be (35 x 35 x 30) / 300 = 122 lbs.

What is heart girth mean?

Heart girth was defined as the circumference of the sow immediately behind the front legs and in front of the first mammary glands (Iwasawa et al., 2004) .

What do 8 week old piglets eat?

Newborn piglets are generally bottle fed commercially available milk replacer for piglets and given starter food until about seven weeks of age, when they are weaned completely on to solid food. All pigs, even nursing piglets, should be offered fresh water daily.

How big is a 12 week old pig?

Eight-week-old pigs should weigh at least 35 pounds. Twelve-week-old pigs should weigh at least 60 pounds. Look for healthy pigs. Alert, active pigs are usually healthy.

How big is a 6 week old pig?

Birth was around 3.5 pounds, 3 weeks was 14-15 pounds, and todays weight was 38-41 pounds I have a growth chart for piglets and they were pretty close for birth and 3 weeks, but at 6 weeks this chart says they should weigh 25 pounds.

How much bacon do you get from a 200 pound pig?

About 16-20lbs in a 200lb (live weight) pig. , Been raising pigs for 40 years. So this answer is based on selling a 270–280 pound pig. Using that weight, you should receive about 20 pounds of bacon per pig.

How big is a 100 lbs pig?

pig, figure on 1-1/2 lbs. of pig per person. Slightly less meat may be needed if you will be serving all the meat in sandwiches.How to Obtain a Whole Hog for your Pig Roast. Weight Length Cooking Time 70 lbs 46″ 5 hours 80 lbs 48″ 5.5 hours 90 lbs 52″ 6 hours 100 lbs 56″ 6 hours.

How much does a whole pig weigh?

A whole hog is approximately 120-140 pounds of meat, while a half is approximately 60-70 pounds (though this varies, depending upon the size of the pig and processing options).

How much meat do you get from a 200 lb pig?

live weight hog will dress approximately 72%, thus 180 pounds of carcass. That 180 pound carcass will yield approximately 65% in retail cuts, thus approximately 120 pounds of “take home” meat. If the pig is a real lean genetic pig, the yield would be 2-5% higher; if it is a fatter pig, the yield would be somewhat less.

How big is a 6 month old pig?

As the pigs grow, they are monitored daily to ensure that they are healthy. At about six months of age, the pigs weigh about 280 lbs. and are then market ready.

How much does it cost to slaughter a pig?

Total feed costs per pig amounted to roughly $115 each. The pigs were processed at home, so there was no cost for slaughter or butchering, but slaughter generally costs about $60 plus another $100 for butchering.

How do you weigh a pig in KG?

The most accurate way to measure the weight of a pig is to use a specialist pig weigh.Example: Porky Pig has a Heart Girth of 1.27 meters and a Length of 1.02 meters. Squaring the Heart Girth (1.27 x 1.27) = 1.6129 = Girth Result. Multiply the Girth Result (1.6129) by the Length (1.02) and MULTIPLY by 69.3 = 114 Kg.

Why is it important to estimate the weight of animals?

You need to constantly weigh your animals to check whether they are healthy or not. The data collected after weighing them will give you a better understanding of when to increase or reduce their feed. The data can also be used to suggest any changes in the diet or recommend more nutrients.

How do you weigh a cow?

Measure from the base of the withers, down under the belly, just behind the elbow and foreleg, and all the way back around. After these measurements are made in inches – use the following formula. 3. (Heart girth X heart girth X body length) ÷ 330 = weight in pounds.