How much profit does Uber Eats make? (+5 Uber Eats trivia)

This blogpost will explain how much profit Uber Eats makes. We will also discuss the advantages of signing up for Uber Eats as a restaurant partner. Lastly, we will be checking out some trivia about this pretty amazing On-Demand food delivery app. Uber Eats is fast becoming the most popular food delivery app in the world today.

How much profit does Uber Eats make?

Uber Eats has made $8.3 billion in revenue in the year 2021. In the year before that, the food delivery app made a profit of $4.8 billion and in 2019 the company saw revenue of $1.5 billion in the year 2018. From this we can see that Uber Eats is steadily growing in profit through the increase in number of users.

Advantages of being an Uber Eats restaurant

As more and more customers are signing up for Uber Eats, an increasing number of restaurants are also partnering with the app as merchants. Some of the advantages that restaurants can experience through a partnership with Uber Eats have been discussed in detail in the section below.
Uber Eats has a restaurant manager feature
When any restaurant chooses to sign up with Uber Eats, they get a tablet in which there is a feature called restaurant manager. This can literally take over the entire restaurant process for the restaurateur. This can also give plenty of data like statistics related to the customers who are ordering from the restaurant so that the merchant can improve their services.
There are tons of users in the app
Uber Eats is growing in its number of customers as it aims to find its way into every nook and cranny of the country. This is also the no.1 choice for delivery drivers as they get way more delivery requests here than other apps. And thus, the restaurants who are partnering with Uber Eats will never face a dearth of customers and can always grow in business.
The delivery system is reliable
Uber Eats employs millions of delivery drivers through independent contracts. The main aim of these drivers is to bring the foot nice and hot to the customer in a short span of time. The platform also motivates and incentivizes the drivers in such a manner so that they try their best to maintain the quality of the dish all the way from the merchant to the customer’s dining table.
The app comes up with new marketing ploys
Uber Eats launches many new marketing ploys and schemes in order to drum up business for its restaurant partners. The best way for a restaurant to join in this scheme is to get ‘featured’ on any one of Uber Eats categories that it rolls out for that particular marketing tactic. This can be a cuisine type, fast delivery, reduced prices, free sides or drinks or any other similar thing.
The support is very trustworthy
Uber Eats is fitted with great support for not only its users but also its restaurant partners. This can be experienced from day one as the company representative takes time to explain the process to the user and also gives them the necessary tools. The most enticing dishes in the restaurant’s menu are also taken pictures off in order to tickle the taste-buds of the customer.
There is a dual rating system here
There is a dual rating system in Uber Eats. This means that the customer will not only give a rating for the delivery driver but also for the restaurant merchant. In addition to this, they can also give their reviews. This can be highly helpful for the restaurants as they can use the feedback to improve their services.
Customers get live feedback from the app
Once the customer has placed an order from the restaurant merchant, they will be able to track the location of the order until it reaches them. They will also be alerted through push notifications which can come through the app or even through SMS or emails. In this manner, the restaurant can be sure that the customer will be alerted of any delays or changes in the order.
This is great for COVID-19 times
On-Demand food delivery apps found their footing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Uber Eats is a great option for those restaurants in regions where customers are still hesitant to dine-in due to COVID-19 fears. In this scenario, the customer can always choose to order food from the restaurant that is not going to incur any losses.

Uber Eats trivia

Some trivia facts about Uber Eats have been listed as follows:
– Uber Eats is the baby of Uber which is famous for its ride hailing services
– Uber Eats operates in more than 45 countries over
– Uber Eats was first called UberFRESH which was then changed in 2015
– The first city to experience the services of Uber Eats was Santa Monica in California
– Uber Eats is the first food delivery app to complete a delivery in space, for the International Space Station


This blogpost has explained how much profit Uber Eats makes. We have also discussed the advantages of signing up for Uber Eats as a restaurant partner. Lastly, we have checked out some trivia about this pretty amazing On-Demand food delivery app.
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