How do you get higher at Uber Eats? (+9 Alternatives for drivers)

This blogpost will discuss how you can get higher at Uber Eats. We will also explain the advantages of being a delivery driver for any On-Demand food delivery app like Uber Eats. Furthermore, we will check out a few alternative delivery apps to Uber Eats that can be great choices for delivery drivers.

How do you get higher at Uber Eats?

If you want to get a higher rating at Uber Eats as a delivery driver, you can use the ways described below.
By delivering during peak hours
One of the best things about Uber Eats is the multiplied pay rates that come by at certain times in the day. These are usually the peak hours which can be lunch hours and dinner times during weekends. In certain cities, the demand is much higher at all times during weekends during which the delivery drivers get more requests which can boost their rankings.
By using an insulated food bag
Using an insulated food bag is a pretty great factor for any delivery driver. This not only shows the customer that the delivery driver cares about the quality of their meal but also helps the driver carry the food in the right position when they are maneuvering around potholes and bumps on the road.
By checking the food package
Most customers in Uber Eats and other food delivery apps often complain about items missing in their package. While the majority of the fault lies with the restaurant partners in Uber Eats, it is also up to the delivery driver to ensure that all the items are present in the food package. This also includes other niceties such as napkins, sauce packets and cutlery, if requested.
By clicking pictures when necessary
Another important thing that every delivery driver must remember is to take a picture when necessary. This is especially important in contactless deliveries where the customer needs proof that their parcel has been indeed delivered. Experienced delivery drivers also recommend that the picture be taken with the food delivery bag in the background to increase credibility.
By dressing neatly and presentably
The delivery driver should also dress neatly so as to make a great first impression for the customer. The delivery driver can opt to wear the Uber Eats t-shirt if they want to or can also wear their own clothes. These, however, need to be clean and pressed which can definitely affect the rankings of the delivery driver in a positive manner.
By being courteous to the customer
It is also important that the delivery driver practice good customer service when interacting with the customer. This is not only important when delivering the food package to the customer, but also when the delivery driver is at the restaurant to pick up the order. This is because the ratings for the Uber Eats driver come from both the customer and the restaurant partner.
By taking on Quests
Delivery drivers in Uber Eats can also increase their rankings on this app by completing Quests. Quests on Uber Eats are basically a certain number of deliveries in a specific period of time. These Quests can also contribute to the earnings of the delivery driver by giving them bonuses and incentives which can reflect directly on their bank balances.

Advantages of being a delivery driver

Gigs like delivering for On-Demand food delivery or grocery delivery apps are becoming a popular side-hustle these days. Many people find these gigs to be their sole source of income. Working as a delivery driver for On-Demand food delivery apps has plenty of advantages such as,
They have flexible working hours
The best thing about working as a delivery driver for any On-Demand delivery app is that the drivers can have flexible working hours. This means that they can choose to work when they want and can also choose to take a break whenever they want to. They are always guaranteed a job as the demand for food delivery is always going to be high.
They get regular earnings
The delivery drivers in these apps also get regular earnings. They are usually paid immediately after every delivery has been completed. The earnings are deposited into the bank account of the customer once a week. Some On-Demand apps like Uber Eats allow daily cash outs that have a certain limit.
They get many bonuses
Delivery drivers not only earn through the payments that come for completing delivery requests, but also through other ways in the app. These delivery apps give bonuses for completing a certain number of requests in a specific time. The drivers also earn through tips given by customers which are entirely theirs.

Alternative On-Demand delivery apps

Similar to Uber Eats, there are plenty of On-Demand delivery apps that can serve as great sources of gigs for delivery drivers. Some of these are food delivery apps while others are grocery delivery apps. The best of these for delivery drivers are:
– Postmates
– Grubhub
– DoorDash
– Zomato
– Swiggy
– Slice
– Instacart
– Saucey
– Caviar


This blogpost has discussed how you can get higher at Uber Eats. We have also explained the advantages of being a delivery driver for any On-Demand food delivery app like Uber Eats. Furthermore, we have checked out a few alternative delivery apps to Uber Eats that can be great choices for delivery drivers.
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