How Do You Care For Air Plants

How do you keep air plants alive?

Below are 5 simple rules of thumb to follow when caring for Tillandsia: 1) Water your Airplant Regularly. You will need to regularly water your airplant. 2) Give your Airplant Light. 3) Let Your Airplant Have Some Air. 4) Keep Your Airplant in a Nice Temperature. 5) Don’t do this to your Airplant.

How often should I water my air plant?

How often do I water my air plants? Your plants should be watered once per week, and 2-3 times is recommended for optimal care. A longer, 2-hour soak is recommended every 2-3 weeks. If you are in a drier, hotter climate, more frequent watering or misting will be needed.

Where do you put air plants?

Air plants do best with at least a few hours of bright, indirect sun daily. Placement within 1 to 3 feet of an east- or west-facing window, or within a foot or two of an artificial light source is ideal. If you keep them well watered, they can have hotter, more direct sun and longer exposure.

How long do air plants last?

Air plant blooms have a different lifespan – some lasting only few days to 2-4 weeks. However, some larger air plants’ blooms, such as t. xerographica, can last for much longer, for around a year. To make your air plant’s bloom last longer, make sure not to soak it or water it at all.

How do you feed air plants?

Here’s how to take care of an air plant. Once a week, submerge air plants in water and let them sit there for hours. Use rainwater or bottled drinking water. Dry the air plants out. Feed them once a month by adding water-soluble fertilizer for epiphytes, bromeliads or air plants to the water you dunk them in.

Do you soak air plants upside down?

The bottom line when it comes to watering air plants is to soak the leaves every week to 10 days. Then, always make sure to let the plants completely dry upside down before returning them to their regular spot.

Do air plants get bigger?

Do Air Plants Grow Bigger? If your air plant is a pup (baby air plant) then it will grow to full size depending on its species. As stated above, air plants range in size from two inches to seven feet so research your variety to find out more about how big it will grow.

Do air plants need sunlight?

ost air plants do not do well with direct or full sun. Because they require indirect light, air plants make great office plants as long as they get some light, either indirectly from a window source, or artificially from full spectrum fluorescent lights.

How often should I mist air plants?

Mist your plant every 4-5 days with one spray for tiny globes, 2-3 sprays for globes 3-5 inches, more if the plant is in a large open globe. The key is to judge the drying time, the smaller the globe, the less circulation, the longer the plant will hold the moisture. If you over water the plant will die.

Can I soak my air plants overnight?

If your air plant is ever looking ‘thirsty’ or like it’s struggling, you can soak them in water (in a bowl or sink) for several hours or overnight. This can often help to revive your tillandsia.

Can you keep air plants in the bathroom?

Air Plant. Air Plant or Tillandsia makes great bathroom plants because they can soak up the humidity. To keep your air plants happy and healthy, place them in a spot with bright, indirect light and high humidity. Make sure to provide proper air circulation since this is how they absorb nutrients and water.

How do you attach air plants to a tree?

When using glue, you can use a plant safe glue, such as E6000, which is also waterproof. Make sure to take extra care when gluing to not get glue on any of the leaves, just dab the glue on the base of the plant and let it dry to attach.

How do you attach air plants to rocks?

Mounting: Airplants can be mounted on a variety of wood, rocks or logs using silicone sealant. Apply a small dab of the silicone on the branch where you would like to mount the plant then seat the plant into the silicone being sure to make firm contact.

How do air plants multiply?

Air plants, which belong to the genus Tillandsia, reproduce like other flowering plants. They produce flowers, which leads to pollination, and the production of seeds. Air plants also produce offsets – new, smaller plants that are known as pups. Air plant pups will form even if the plant has not been pollinated.

Can you use Miracle Grow on air plants?

Fertilizing Tillandsia Use a fertilizer specifically formulated for bromeliads or air plants once a month, or dilute Miracle-Grow or similar water soluble plant foods to 1/4 strength. Add the fertilizer water to a spray bottle, and mist thoroughly with the food water once a month.

Can you soak air plants in tap water?

Air plants are fine with tap water, but make sure that the quality of tap water in your area is good. In most areas, tap water lacks important minerals and has chemicals as well. It is best to use water from a well, pond, spring or lake. But, the best water to use would be rainwater.