Workout Schedule for Building Muscle Mass in a Month

Developing a training schedule that really works and helps in building muscle is definitely a difficult task. Many bodybuilders tend to be confused while deciding about their workout schedule simply because they aren’t aware of the salient necessities of muscle growth. But, an ideal plan to build muscle mass isn’t too complicated it just requires us to blend the most useful exercises. To help out beginner bodybuilders, we have designed the perfect plan of action. You can easily follow this routine for the whole month and ensure rapid growth in muscle mass.

The Ages Old Muscle Building Secret:

The secret to building muscle is to encourage discipline, planning, and commitment into your routine. You need to fully commit to a plan and practice it with sheer persistence and consistency. Whatever workout routine you choose, stick to it for some time, ideally 3-6 months. You’ve got to believe in the plan because only then you will be able to see results. Your mind plays tricks with you; so, it is highly likely that when you stay positive and optimistic about a certain plan, your body will respond to it fairly quickly.

Moreover, you need to get the basics right. Bodybuilding isn’t technical or complex at all; it only requires you to incorporate a healthy diet and a strict workout routine. It doesn’t need to be stretched out for hours in a day just make it flexible enough to suit your daily routine and stamina. Start slowly with moves that let you use the maximum amount of weight and utilize muscle mass. Do multi-joint exercises in the beginning, such as bench presses, shoulder presses, squats, dips, pull ups, and deadlifts. Leave high cable curls, double biceps, and similar exercises for the big boys if you are a beginner and slowly build your stamina into doing all that in due time.

Ideal Workout Schedule for Building Muscle in Short Time:

Without wasting any time, let’s get to the main thing, which is developing an ideal workout schedule. So, here is the perfect schedule that will suit those who are just starting on their bodybuilding regime. Follow it religiously with a healthy diet, proper sleep, and an optimistic approach, and you will see favorable results in only a month’s time.

Monday: Legs and Abs Day

Hitting the entire leg musculature effectively is important if you want to build muscle quickly. Leg day is going to be a heavy day for you but it has benefits. So, start off with leg extensions and front squats and move to standard squats and then leg curls. You can try quads, glutes, and hamstrings early on and check out what works for you. If you are not feeling tired, try Smith machine squat because in this one you don’t need to worry about balancing. Just place your feet in front of you slightly and finish the routine off with lunges.

On each squat set, the weight amount should gradually decrease; start with the strongest one in your first exercise such as front squats and then go light on regular squats because you are doing three exercises. It is recommended that you switch the squats sequences every week. Such as, in the second week you can try doing regular squats first and in the third week start with Smith machine squats. Create a balance leg protocol to be followed during the four weeks.

Tuesday: Triceps and Chest:

Now that you have had a day with the legs being toned, it is time to switch focus on training of triceps and the chest. Try starting your routine with flat-bench barbell presses, which will help in hitting the chest meat. Now attack the pecs with dumbbells without changing the angle. Follow a similar alternating pattern as you did in squats for legs. For training chest, use a different angle every time like flat-bench in the first week and incline in the second, decline in the third and flat-bench again in the fourth. Also, rotate the exercises like go for barbell version followed by dumbbells. End the routine with an isolation move such as cable flye. To train triceps, try bread-and-butter exercises in conventional hypertrophy rep range, that is, 8-12.

Wednesday: Rest day

You have hit the gym hard enough for the past two days to allow your body time and space to heal and recover.

Thursday: Abs, Shoulders and Traps day

Time to hit the shoulders and traps; start your day with a compound exercise like the behind-the-neck overhead press. However, if you have a pre-existing shoulder issue then you can opt for the standard in front of the head version. If you are able to do this move, then go ahead with the delts to add some size. Once you are done with three other compound moves including dumbbell presses, dumbbell upright rows, and Smith machine, finish it off with leaning lateral raise. It will help in laying more emphasis on the delts instead of the supraspinatus muscles. You can try reverse pec deck too for targeting the rear delts.

For traps training, go for barbell and dumbbell combo, use heavy weight and only do six sets after which you must finish with double crunches for the abs.

Friday: Biceps and Back Day

Start the day with the deadlift because it isn’t just good for the legs but great as a back exercise too. In fact, it will target overall body mass. The dumbbell version should follow suit. Move on to the dumbbell rows and bent-over to hit both the upper and lower lats. The 20-set back workout is a must with T-bar rows and lat pulldowns.
Don’t do anything fancy for the biceps but go for the traditional hammer curls, preachers and barbell curls that will target both biceps heads. For size promotion, use heavy weight.

Saturday and Sunday: Rest Day

Enjoy the weekend, you have earned this.

Bottom Line:

Building muscle isn’t always easy but it is definitely a simple process that only requires determination, optimism, and discipline. The only recommendation for bodybuilders is to lift hard and also eat healthily. As far as training is concerned, this plan can be repeated for four weeks, with slight variations obviously. It is excellent in rapid mass-gaining despite that it only incorporates straightforward exercises in straight sets while the influence of intensity techniques is minimal. The reason why there are three days dedicated to total rest and relaxation is that you will be lifting heavy weights and exerting a lot throughout the week. Therefore, giving time to your body to recover is very important as you may feel soreness in the earlier weeks. Good luck with the training.

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