How About 3-Day Split Workout Routine for Mass?

What exactly are your bodybuilding goals… building muscle faster? How much weight should you be putting on in order to gain muscle mass? What is the best workout routine for mass?

These are the questions almost every bodybuilder has in mind especially when you only have started your bodybuilding journey. Building muscle mass is definitely the primary goal of every bodybuilder no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned one. An ideal muscle gain proportion would be putting on an additional 1lb every week. Feeling surprised? Don’t be because gaining a pound every week is quite possible. All that you need to do is get as close as possible to exploiting your body’s potential. Beginners might easily be able to do that but as the training gets more advanced later, the process of achieving a 1lb per week increment may become trickier. A 3-day split workout can help you achieve the unthinkable.

3-Day Split is the Best Workout Routine for Mass:

A 3-day split routine is perfect to build muscle without affecting your overall health and vitality. You may be able to hit the gym every day and spend hours focusing on your calves or elliptical. Hitting the weights on a daily basis might seem easier for now but such hardcore workout routines aren’t too practical to maintain in the long run. You need to get a job at some point, have fun with your girlfriend or be an active member of the society. You may need to travel to different locations due to professional or personal necessities. It could be anything that might prevent you from hitting the gym on a daily basis. This is why it is advised to have a 3-day split routine instead of a 7-day gym habit.

A 3-day split workout routine has many advantages; such as it allows you to make transitions easily as you can focus on different muscle groups by intensifying the exercises to allow build-up of muscle mass quickly. The 4-day workout routine is also great but to get bigger, sooner you need something more intense and effective. That’s what a 3-day split routine offers.

What Do You Need to Do?

Well-known, certified strength and conditioning specialist Chris Smith has designed the best 3-day split workout routine to build muscle. The best feature of Smith’s 3-day plan is that it WORKS. According to Smith, it is the most effective way of building muscle. Moreover, it allows you ample free time throughout the week to focus on other things in life like family and friends and socializing. With this routine, you won’t need to sacrifice your brother’s soccer game just because you have to lift weights. So, let’s find out what this program is all about and what you need to do:

Go for a No-Split Routine:

The 3-day workout doesn’t require you to distribute exercises as per muscle groups (that is, hitting a different muscle group every day), instead, it involves intense full-body sessions. You may call it the Split routine but in reality, it doesn’t require you to split any of the muscle groups. In that sense, it is a no-split routine. It targets full body every day because this is an effective technique as high-frequency training stimulates muscle fibers more intensely that leads to enhanced muscle growth. So, next time you hit the gym, instead of targeting your legs once a week, try doing front squats to target those quads. The idea is to break down the muscle without overdoing anything to crush it. In this way, muscles will get accustomed to the routine and will be ready to work the next day too.

Changing the Volume:

With this nonlinear routine, you can incorporate multiple full-body workouts every week. Try moderate intensity and volume session on Day 1 to create a baseline so that your body gets prepared for upcoming intense sessions.
The next day, intensify the routine to strengthen your body and prepare it for the third day’s session. On Day-3, do a high-volume workout to involve some serious hypertrophy. This session is going to be too intense, so, keep it for the third day only.

Since you will be having rest days for the rest of the week, so, the stressed-out muscles will be able to recover and grow. Ideally, you should workout straight for three days. However, if you do need to squeeze in some rest period then instead of including two free days just go for one rest day to build muscle as rapidly as you intend to. What happens in a 3-day workout routine is that your muscles respond to the exercises much effectively when they are continuously being stimulated. As per Smith, to give your body time to rest, you can try working out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so that you get the weekend free to do anything you want to.

Get into the Alternating Habit:

In every session, you will be practicing alternating sets of multi-joint and compound moves. Remember that compound exercises have the ability to engage many muscle fibers at one, so you get optimal results from your session. You need to perform compound exercises in alternating sets because these consume a larger chunk of your energy reserves. You to prevent unnecessary fatigue early one, it is better to keep alternating them.
For performing an alternating set, you should first do one set of exercise in a group such as chin-ups and take some rest once you are done. After resting you need to crank out another set of exercise and keep repeating this pattern until all the recommended sets have been completed. This approach is helpful in training with heavy weight sets because there will be some time to recover in between sets.

Choosing the Weight and Conditioning Workout:

You must choose a load that lets you perform all the reps that are recommended to maintain optimal form and control. Smith recommends that in the initial sets, keeping a rep or two in the tank is great and then you can go for the failure on the final set. In this workout plan, the conditioning is rather quick so soon after the strength session you can bust them out. Such as you can try running as the chosen cardio that will hit the quads, glutes, and calves and gives you an opportunity to challenge your muscles. On day-1.the conditioning workout should be moderate; jog for about 15 minutes and mix-in 30 seconds sprints to further increase endurance as well as to burn fat. On day-2, push harder with a quarter-mile slow jog and a quarter-mile run in a two-mile distance. On day-3, finish off with running two miles and rest after every quarter-mile for two minutes.

Final Thoughts:

A 3-day split workout is ideal to build muscle. However, you must eat very well because you need additional calories to help your body recover and build mass. You will be able to gain more strength and size by simply adding a protein shake, creatine monohydrate supplement, 5-8gm of fish oil or 10gms of glutamine to the muscle building diet plan that you are following. Have at least 8-9 hours of sleep so that your body recovers well and is prepared for the next intense workout routine.

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